Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

Course Objective

  • Design hydraulic fracture treatments for typical field situations
  • Apply the concepts of well stimulation by hydraulic fracturing to various
  • types of reservoir conditions to optimize well productivity
  • Recognize opportunities for substantial production improvement by
  • application of effective hydraulic fracturing
  • Gather pertinent well data and information to plan, design, implement,
  • and evaluate fracturing treatments for all types of reservoirs
  • Realize the strengths and limitations of hydraulic fracture theory as it relates
  • to field applications of fracturing
  • Become a participant in each fracturing treatment rather than just a technical observer

Who Can Benefit

  • Production, reservoir and drilling engineers as well as others who need a better understanding of fracturing applications 

Course content

  • Introduction to the fracturing process
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Practical fracture design
  • Fracturing fluid additives and proppant
  • Strengths and limitations of fracturing applications
  • Production increase
  • Factors involved in field implementation
  • Acid fracturing vs proppant fracturing
  • Farce packs
  • Waterfracs
  • Fracturing in horizontal wells
  • QA/QC of fracturing treatment
  • Evaluation of fracturing treatment success  


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POT02 Hydraulic Fracturing Applications
19 May to 23 May 2018 Istanbul contact us
11 Aug to 15 Aug 2018 cairo contact us
10 Nov to 14 Nov 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us

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