Report Writing And Business Presentation Skills

Course Objectives

  • Develop confidence and skills to produce clear and concise reports
  • To focus on  report writing, such as: identifying and responding to the needs of the reader, ensuring clarity and impact, and using common report writing conventions within a consistent style
  • To introduce powerful and flexible tools and techniques for effectively planning and writing reports
  • Improve their skills in written communication, including improving spelling, grammar and clarity To facilitate the development of strategies for improving delegates’ ongoing personal development

Who Can Benefit

  • Managers, supervisors and anyone who wish to improve their writing and presentation competencies

Course content

  • Advanced Grammatical Review
  • A Model of the Communication Process
  • Report Definition and Types
  • An Analysis of Our Writing Habits, Major Writers' Blocks
  • An Analysis of our Writing Problems
  • What the Boss Wants What Managers Look for in Reports
  • 20 Crazy Things Writers Do to , Sabotage Success
  • Poor Writing, Clichés , Redundancy , Too Long
  • Simplified,Hedging,Short Words vs Inflated Words
  • Why Reports are Difficult to Write?
  • Test Your Skill with confusable Words
  • Dangers of Inventing Prefixes
  • What does it mean to write effectively?
  • Think Before You Write
  • Choosing Appropriate Sentence Patterns
  • Using Parallel Structure
  • Controlling Sentence Length, Sequence of Details
  • The 12-C of Writing Standards
  • How to write clearly, Use the Active Voice, Completeness
  • Taking Tips from Good Writers
  • How to Explore Your Subject
  • Stages of Writing an Effective Report
  • Preparation before Writing Reports
  • Define the Problem and Purpose
  • Consider who will receive the Report
  • Determine Ideas to Include
  • Collect Needed Material
  • Sort and Interpret Data
  • Organize Data and Prepare Final Outline
  • Organization and Outline of Report Body
  • Plans for Organizing Report Body
  • Inductive Arrangement


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